Enso Anima is truly a band to be experienced. The chemistry between the musicians can be felt through their music that they truly bring to life on the record as well as time and time again in their interactive and captivating live performance. Their goal to be the voice of the wandering and wounded will be heard, and you truly are not alone.”

— Ryan De La Torre of Chaos Mantra

Enso Anima’s live performance is nothing short of delectable. Their incredibly well rehearsed set proves their dedication to both their craft, and their willingness to deliver only the best performance humanly possible.”

— Doug Andreasen from The Seafloor Cinema

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Enso: the endless cycle of energy in the universe, connecting all things. Anima: one soul within the cycle.

Enso Anima is the sound you hear between your ears when no one else is around. Enso Anima is the mountain you pass every day on your commute and have always dreamed of climbing. Enso Anima is the house on the dead end street with flaking shutters, a giant hole in the roof, and an even bigger, entirely inexplicable allure. Enso Anima is the kiss with a little bit of bite, the shovelful of earth thrown onto a grave or a newly planted tree, the cross you bear that gives you strength because it lets you know you have the right to live. Enso Anima is watching the world end and having a hand to hold.

Enso Anima is a four-piece band that creates a unique blend of progressive and experimental music, rooted in post-hardcore and branching out into a wide range of genres and styles. Originally from New York, Enso moved to Sacramento in late 2016 to join the vibrant incubator of talented, passionate and groundbreaking artists that is the Sac music scene, and they’ve gained countless fans since they began performing to strangers in April 2017. Their sonic stylings range from richly textured atmospherics, to jarring stutter-step rhythms, to saucy progressions with entrancing grooves, crafting emotional landscapes of mournful melancholy, bitter defiance, piercing introspection, and unabashed youthful adventure, often within the span of a single piece.

The band's goal is to create music that unites all people through their common humanity and the spirit of exploration and adventure, by giving each listener a taste of what they already love, and then gently coaxing the palate and the mind to expand and embrace new growth. This central aim is displayed in spades throughout their debut full-length album titled Instability: released in December of 2018, this album has spoken powerfully to music fans of all genres spanning the entire country, especially following their Winter 2019 tour of the Pacific Northwest. The music video for the first single from that record, Steam, has reached thousands of people since its release, touching many hearts with its story of infatuation turned to toxic idealization, told through a unique post-hardcore stylization of classic blues-rock sounds with lush four-part harmonies. The group relishes the challenge of crafting their songs, live setlists and presence to appeal to crowds from very diverse backgrounds and musical tastes, often winning fans who have never heard of or didn’t previously enjoy post-hardcore or progressive rock! It is not rare for Enso to begin playing to a room of people chatting casually who came out for the social scene, and to finish their set holding the entire room in rapt attention, transfixed by the changes simultaneously taking place in the music they hear, and within themselves.

Enso Anima continues to solidify and expand their influence throughout the West Coast and beyond, focusing in summer of 2019 on recording another series of diverse and evocative tracks which will shatter illusory genre boundaries, and help folks to remember what a unifying and empowering experience original music can be. Enso will be hitting the road in the Summer and Fall on a series of tours, venturing out to punctuate the music scenes in new cities in Southern California, Arizona, Utah, Nevada and Idaho with their irresistibly engaging live performances, as well as returning to their new fans in the Pacific Northwest to make an even bigger splash in cities such as Seattle, Portland and Eugene. Whether playing in a basement punk house, a raunchy highway-side bar, or an arena, this band will stop at nothing to achieve their dreams and to give back to the world which has fostered their incredible music, and will continue to do so with every show, recording and interaction, led by the credo with which they begin every performance:

“We are Enso Anima, and you are not alone.”